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Welcome to Emberwild Films

My name is Taylor and I am a wedding filmmaker, which is a crazy thing to be these days. I've been filming weddings for 5 years, but never have I been more grateful to be a filmmaker than I am right now. 2020 was a wild ride professionally, emotionally, mentally, and everything in between. It was hard. It was painful. Some days, unbearable. We've all been through suffering and loss. We've all been pushed to our limits. Everyone is walking through their own kind of fire, yet we are all one flame. All burning with the intensity of what it means to be human. But amidst the darkness and the chaos, I realized what matters most. I realized that I carry within me everything I need to survive.

I have always been drawn to fire in life, love, stories, and people. I want to know what your embers are. I want to know what sets you on fire and then capture it.

Welcome to Emberwild Films. I can't wait to connect with all of you. I am truly humbled to be here.

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